Darren Scott Salon

Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions some are suited better to different hair types and for different looks.  Its important know the difference and what to expect, otherwise can result in dire consequences.



This is where your hair is platted/canerowed this can be a full head or can be with a leave out for a more natural look.  We always recommend the use of a net over the canerow, this is to allow the hair extensions to be sewn in to the net not necessarily the caner itself.  The advantage of the net is that it distributes the weight of the wefts, so it is not pulling on a particular area, leading to less chance of traction alopecia.  In addition it prevents you getting to your scalp directly, this is a major reason for traction alopecia, as the braid/plait/canerow is tight, any scratching or direct contact can pull out the hair and in some instance the follicle leading to permanent hair loss.


If a full head weave is required so that none of your actual hair is out, then a lace closure or lace frontal is generally used to give the next most realistic finish.


We have our very own special technique of doing weave foundations that provide a flat base for the most realistic look, we do not do large canerows that create a bulbous effect!  This does mean a weave can take longer to install, with the end result being 1st class.  This technique is suited for all hair types and textures.


Micro rings


There are different types of micro rings, we always silicone coated ones that help to protect your actual hair.  These are tiny rings where by pre-tipped bonds can be attached to your hair by pulling your hair, the hair extension hair in to a micro ring (using a looping tool) then the micro ring is clamped in place.  this secures the hair extension to your hair.  So all your hair is left out.  There are individual micro rings that can be positioned where you want the length an density or weft hair can be used.  The advantage of the individual ones is that you can then wear your hair in whatever style you want.  If on a weft it has limitations.  This is suitable for most hair types except natural afro/caribbean hair.  If the hair is relaxed or naturally curly regular maintenance must be carried out every 6-8 weeks otherwise hair may dreadlock.


LA Weave


This is a relatively new phenomena whereby micro rings are used on your hair in order to create a firm structure in order to then sew the hair extensions through thus attaching the hair extensions.  For people who suffer severe scalp irritation or want all their hair left out this is a great alternative.  However care must be taken when washing and conditioning the hair, as this can lead to hair being pulled out whilst shampooing, and if conditioner is placed too highly it can cause the micro rings to slip.  This is suitable for all hair types.



Vixen Weave


This is where by a hot cross bun shape is provided with a leave out either side of the hot cross bun.  This only really works with relaxed or european hair, since any reversion will look particularly odd (depending on the type of the hair extensions) and creates increased maintenance and potentially heat damage to more parts of the hair.


Cold/Hot Fusion


By using a silicone glue pre-bonded tips are glued close to the scalp this allows for the hair to be secured and can be worn in any style.  This is only suitable for European Hair.