Darren Scott Salon


Wigs have historically held a stigma, however, they make a part in every day life.  We have customers who want a drastic colour change but without damaging their own hair so have a wig coloured and fitted.  Ranging through to customer with various forms of alopecia, including hair loss due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

When it comes to wigs, there are various different types and this generally depends on the desired look and the circumstance.  We provide a full consultancy service for this and can guide you through the best possible option for you.  Within Darren Scott Salon we are able to make wigs and customise the size for your head type, shape, and dependent on how your actual hair/scalp is.


Lace Frontal Wig


A wig cap (a material based helmet structure to fit the head) is taken and hair extensions on a weft (hair can be sewed together to form a weft using string, or they can be hand made) are then sewed in to and around the wig cap.  In order to make the hair line look more realistic lace is is used this can be part of the wig cap, or a lace closure or lace frontal can be used of which is sewn in too.  Different skin and scalp tones will determine the colour of the lace.  There are also many different grades of lace greatly ranging in price.  The hair used to make this can either be purchased from Darren Scott Salon, or you can bring your own and we can use that.


Full Lace Wig


Hair is individually threaded through the tiny holes in the lace and then knotted.  This allows for you to part the hair wherever you want and wear it in whatever style you want as no weft will then show up.  Lace itself is expensive therefore this is a more costly form of wig.  Darren Scott Salon are able to take a mould of your head and we send this off to our manufacturer to be hand made in to a full lace wig.  There are various options, length, colour, density, the type and colour of the lace, the fitting, the cap construction etc.  As a guide, this bespoke wig will take between on average 4-6 weeks to make, there is a fast track service offered at an additional cost which will reduce reduce this to 3 weeks.  The hair used is high grade virgin remy Indian Hair* The cost of these bespoke wigs can range between £500-£1,000+


Vacum Wigs


This is something we do not currently offer.


Hair Replacement


There are many methods including plucking your actual hair through lace in order to blend your hair as much as possible with the wig.  From experience this is not something we recommend as more strain is placed on your hair, and if suffering hair problems this can exacerbate the problem.


U Part Wig


This is a wig cap with a “u” shape cut out.  They can be clipped of sewn in to create length and volume, whilst the hair left out (where the “u” has been cut out covers how the U Part wig has been attached.  Generally this is done via clips, and through experience leads to significant breakage if used regularly without proper maintenance.




*We are a able to offer Peruvian Hair at an additional cost of which meets kosher requirements to all of our wig services.